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Loco For That LOKO - Episode 217

Comedian RILEY SOLONER is here!  Riley takes shit over and we go on our first Pod Awful outing to get Four Loko.  Also hear tales from the #AmericaGethard RV trip!

[Loco For That LOKO | Riley Soloner - Direct Download]


1. POD AWFUL LIVE!  Feb. 28th, 8PM, @ the Brooklyn Lyceum.  Riley Soloner as Vacation Jason, improv group Dreamboat, rap star Hardcore Boris, and house team Mr. Gentleman with special guest Julia Wiedeman.  Only $5, and Four Loko may be served… click “attending” at the FACEBOOK EVENT!

2. BE PART OF THE SHOW!  Call the voicemail, 480-38-AWFUL.  I’m looking for ideas and suggestions sent in from you guys for the live show!  If you have a funny story you want to share, a suggestion you want to give for one of the improv groups, or an idea you want to happen at the show… I will do everything in my power to make it happen!

3. DONATE ONE DOLLAR DAY!  WE NEED A LAPTOP FOR THE LIVE SHOW!  Right now I have no income source, so everyone, please donate ONE DOLLAR to the show!  If all the laughs we give aren’t worth just one dollar, then I don’t know what I’m doing. Please click the Paypal link!

See you at the LIVE SHOW!

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