PODAWFUL™ is a hot beef, Inkjet Injektion of information superhighway new-age sewage.

It's a crossover event between the internet & reality. Graffiti on the brick wall of a dark digital alleyway.

A cyber AR-15 you stick inside your gaping mouth and pull the trigger to feel HAPPY. An act of Modem Warfare against a Plastic Modern Hell Culture.

PODAWFUL™ is Internet Television. A true CULT COMEDY filled with criminal sociopath henchmen who value laughs more than life. SICK FREAKS, lab-grown to never touch grass. An INFOWARP, PROJECT JKULTRA, Asbestos Simulator powered by crime.

A Hi-Tek/Lowbrow, mentally-ill pseudo-cyber-nostalgia where the stench of hyper-current network solutions meets the DARK FUTURE®.

PODAWFUL™ is an anti-podcast hosted by Jesse P-S. (H2BH)


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