Losers who have contributed nothing are still COPING over the fact I turned Dick Masterson from The Dick Show into a LOLCOW. I was done milking anyway, but those same losers are so desperate for content they are falling for Dick's obvious troll of defending LOLICON. I know better than that, the whole Loli thing is a distraction from the truth, and the truth is worse than ANYONE could have predicted. I'm joined by Cameron Clarke, the actual man who put the wheels in motion for Dick becoming a #GOON, who reveals DEVASTATING information that Mad at the Internet, KiwiFarms, PPP, Godwinson, and all the rest of the wannabes are too blind to see. Dick is, and this is not "allegedly", a confirmed TAKE IT IN THE BUTT, CHUGGING ON STRANGERS' DONGS, TRANS GAY GUY. But it gets worse. Dick is a furry, and his fursona will floor you. Wait until you meet JuJu! Dick is a LITERAL LOL COW. PLUS: I'm joined by Metal Jess, who personally witnessed Dick embarrass himself in front of a live audience by showing his tiny peepee. And my guests compete for FABULOUS PRIZES ina game of WHO WANTS TO BE A LOLINAIRE?

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