RANDBOT, Ya Doxxed Yaself, Mate

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OI, CRIKEY! Randbot, an Internet also-ran, Aut-Right, stolen valor, alcoholic, Australian shitpost streamer and cohost of Ethan Ralph's Killstream is big time mad at Jesse. Rand, Ethan, PPP, and Pod Awful were all on Twisted Mind with Andy Warski and Kyler, and things quickly got out of control. Everyone was fighting, screaming, and losing their minds... except Jesse who was just laughing at it all. For some reason, complete stranger Randbot decided to try to pick a fight with The Internet's Boyfriend, and it didn't work out for him. Jesse didn't know Rand was supposed to be AnonymousOnline™ GuyFawkesMask®, and showed a photo of Rand from Google Images on stream. Randbot and his three-man, broken Jewdar militia have been on a rampage to cancel Pod Awful ever since. Problem is, nobody knew who the photo was... until Rand doxxed himself. We go through the Kiwifarms evidece, the wife beating, the dirt floors, the handicap headache, the Guntlicking, and uncover brand new videos because Doxxing is... COOL AND FUN! PLUS: Mersh talks about being doxxed on @Nightwave Radio , and goes on the least self-aware monologue yet! And Jesse tells a really funny joke. (By the way, if you use the word "kino," please, go kinoself.)

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