REVENGE OF THE CIS: Love Triangle w/ Andy Warski

REVENGE OF THE CIS has been rocky ever since Mersh dragged his WeBull Wobble off the couch and into his own Apartment. Rolls Royce needs a third for his Devil\'s Triangle with his wife, and it seems like the only man for the job is the host of "Afternoonwave," AGLuck. AG is a sad sack, hanger-on of the Grift Gang, and has flown across the country just to third-mic ROTC and Daywave, and sleep in Mersh\'s acrid bone-stench. Meanwhile Mersh has triangle problems of his own. The internet now knows about Mersh\'s Pythagorenis, he\'s managed to lose Streamlabs for Nightwave, Daywave, and ROTC, and he\'s having to pivot into stock tips and day trading just to keep his head above water. AGLuck seems to be gunning for Mersh\'s stinky race car chair, and now the walls are closing in on the Queen. Andy Warski joins me to tell me about his history with AGLuck, goof on Mersh, and sing a beautiful song about the RADIOWARZ™ between Pod Awful and Nightwave Radio.'