Tom Gulley Is An Alleged "Pedant-phile"

FACTS About Radio Legend TOM GULLEY


These are simply facts about radio legend Tom Gulley, a man who lived with his brother in his late 50's, and was referred to as Frankenstein by the people of his small town. Please draw your own conclusions. 


FACT #1: Tom Gulley has been accused by children of being a pedant-phile.


As noted in this article by The Intelligencer: "What especially steams Gulley is that kids called him a pedandt-phile online more than 40 times... A pedandt-phile, the kids said, because Gulley continued to engage them in the verbal war long after it made sense to them...'Loser!' they wrote. 'Pedant-phile.' 'Piece of $#%^@.' Well, you get the idea... A student’s mom got involved. 'Pedandt-phile-like,' she said."


FACT #2: Tom Gulley has bragged about ruining children's lives.


From The Intelligencer: "'Little turds,' is how Gulley describes the kids today. 'Asleep at the wheel,' he said of their parents... A really angry man, as evidenced by his online writing, knows where your kid goes to school, and he’s tracking the kid’s computer comings and goings and, in some cases, he has learned where YOU work."


FACT #3: Tom Gulley has a show online called "The Tom Gulley Show" where he harasses schools.


The Intell: "Gulley said he’ll continue to criticize them online by name. He’s threatening to call college administrators and coaches to report what he believes is cyber bullying... He’s tracking IP addresses, matching those with personal addresses and college servers." In some of episodes of his podcast, Gulley has recorded and played conversations with students and administration, bragging that he has prevented some of his alleged victims from getting into the colleges of their choice, and even going so far as to continue terrorizing them well into adulthood.


(Also, he has tits.)


Editorial: Tom Gulley is a MEGA-PEDANT.