Moon Base Upgrades

The Moon Base is receiving a major overhaul, and the Goonopticon is being upgraded so we never miss an unspooling!

New tech developments:

1. 4K Cybervision™

2. Robocam 🎥 is being upgraded and cloned

3. A larger viewport. Deer God sees all.

4. Blinky-Dinky Camera and video switching 🚨

5. The InfinityDesk® has MORPHED into the BullyStation®

6. The Fan now moves SLIGHTLY SLOWER

7. The Henchmen now monitor the Goonopticon 29.5/7 (Lunar Days) 🌙

8. The earth's Largest Goon Alarm 


Pod Awful R&D has been working around the clock for YEARS to develop these anti-podcast, AU detecting breakthroughs in technology. If you'd like to contribute, join or upgrade your Pizza Fund. You can also buy a shirt. Nearly every design we've ever released is currently available on the store here: 

There are still more potential upgrades that are on the docket, and I've already spent more than Mersh makes in 5 months off of TrollierThanThou and Avon Chartsdale. More archives and content coming soon to the Fund.


- Jesse