POD AWFUL Gets BTFO'D By Dick Masterson & Metokur on THE KILLSTREAM (Subscribe to my NewProject2)

THE GUNTSHIELD is FULLY ACTIVATED. Pod Awful's INFAMOUS appearance on the Killstream with Ethan Ralph, Dick Masterson, and Mister Metokur... BUT WITHOUT JESSE'S VOLUME BEING TURNED DOWN AND MUTED!

The LIE has carried on for years now. "Jesse dropped the ball on the Dick Masterson Simpspiracy." The first person to try to claim this? DICK MASTERSON IN THIS STREAM! This is parroted by the people who both dickshielded for their master at NewProject2, and the mutants of Youtube's underbelly who glommed onto my work to make a name for themselves. Well here is the REALITY of it all. Watch Metokur get tricked into doing my handiwork in real time, while deflecting for DADDY DICK.

Dick Masterson is a simp. The birth of a lolcow.

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Pod Awful Is an anti-podcast hosted by Jesse P-S