The Santa Cruz Joker GOES TO JAIL

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The Santa Cruz Joker, AKA Lunatic Leonard, AKA Harlan Moncrief, AKA Harlan Dale Absher spent a week melting down and threatening Jesse's life. Begging Jesse to come to Santa Cruz for a fight, like the internet tough guy that he is, the 5'3" Joker opened up a can of worms the likes of which he has never seen before. Jesse manages to get his real name, address, arrest record, and family history, all while Harlan wanders the streets of Santa Cruz like an idiot thinking Jesse actually flew across the country to beat up a midget. Find out why The Santa Cruz Joker went to jail, his bizarre last name, how racism runs in the family, and how if he keeps UNSPOOLING the way he is, he won't be allowed in Santa Cruz for much longer.


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