WANNA PLAY A GAME? - Lenny Is Stuck In The Portal Potty

Experimenting on the henchmen to keep them sharp, Lenny must defend his position as Manservánt by completing the twisted PUZZLEMASTERY of Jesse. Can Lenny think in Portals well enough to beat Jesse...

Juju The Cow Visits Dick Masterson HQ! - PODAWFUL CLIP

Decided to get my own Riley and troll Dick Masterson and Vito's place of business. You can't afford to NOT take this seriously. The biggest problem for Juju is milking this content for all its worth.


Comedy Shaman finally takes his girlfriend's former "boywife" Zephod to task, for talking tushy behind her back in the Cult.

THEY VS. THEM - Mini Manson's Pisst Control

Mini Manson has been overrun by killer ants. The only way to stop them is the power of PISS! Will the ants colonize Mini Manson's porch, or will the combination of peepee, firecrackers, and PURE RO...

Grub On The Spectrum: Speds For Feds - PODAWFUL PODCAST EO8

What happens when a PODAWFUL GOON begins dating a PODAWFUL HENCHMAN? Well sparks sure are flying but not for all the right reasons. The Comedy Shaman has wooed his way into our very own Feds’ heart...

podawful, pod awful, jesse ps, jesse p-s

I am a #TargetedIndividual or #TI. I am being pursued by #Gangstalkers. They watch my every move. They control me with brain parasites. They watch me with drones. They force me to collect GOO for King K Rool. I speak to Justin, a TI who has discovered a terrible secret about what the perps are no...

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podawful, pod awful, jesse ps, jesse p-s

A man named Stephen Watkins came to a Facebook group for psychics looking for help. He needed to know the paternity of his child. He found Scott Green, lawyer extraordinaire from Australia. Scott came to me for my psychic gifts, and together, we will go through Stephen's entire Facebook account, ...

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