H2BH THE SHOW: WHAT'S UP CHUCK? Mini Manson's Gothic Vampire Friend

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Mini Manson guests on a show by a guy called Chuck Stegall. Chuck is a fascinating dude. He's AUGold, very opinionated on Joe Biden and black people, and, oh yeah, enjoys dressing as a female gothic vampire. A victim of Pod Awful joins the show to try to warn Mini Manson against Jesse, and Mini listens to this just about as well as you would assume. When the Pod Awful Cult and Jesse himself finally does show up, the show devolves into a cavalcade of pornbombing, cool and fun doxxing, a sex tape of Chuck doing a "Western Grip," making amends with Mini Manson, talking to soundboards, musical performances that will move you to tears, and somehow Colonel Kurtz shows up.