TRUE CRIME: #FindingLilah Ep. 1 "Missing White Woman Syndrome" - POD AWFUL PODCAST DF5

Playlist: DATING SIMULATOR - The Many Loves Of Ruphio Pheonix
TRUE CRIME: #FindingLilah Ep. 1 "Missing White Woman Syndrome" - POD AWFUL PODCAST DF5
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Our New TRUE CRIME PODCAST: #FindingLilah: Episode 1

Our dear, beloved Lilah, a beacon of the Pod Awful Cult, has been missing for over a month. Thanks to the backlash against "Missing White Woman Syndrome" in the media, Lilah's friends and family have had an incredibly tough time getting any media to cover her story. Thanks to the true crime podcast "Missing 411" hosted by Samantha Saran and Laura Craftbay-Oneta, her story is finally being told. In an effort to signal boost this case, I've begun my own true crime podcast about Lilah's VANISHING. Particularly focusing in on her boyfriend, friend of the show and incel gamer, Ruphio Pheonix. We have a trove of recordings and text messages between the on-again, off-again lovers that may lead to a clue in her disappearance. Last Lilah was seen, she was headed for Waterville, Maine to be with Ruphio, on the condition that Ruphio got VACCINATED FOR PUSSY. Join us on this journey and help us find our friend. IF YOU HAVE ANY TIPS OR INFORMATION, PLEASE CALL 480-382-9385. THANK YOU.