CALL OF BOOTY: Modern Whorefare (w/ Ruphio Pheonix) - POD AWFUL PODCAST I144

Playlist: DATING SIMULATOR - The Many Loves Of Ruphio Pheonix
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GAMER INCELS FINALLY RISE UP! My best bro, and top-gamer, Ruphio Pheonix joins us to LAY DOWN THE LAW on women after a week of being mistreated by every woman in his life. Feminism will finally be destroyed GAMER STYLE. Ruphio is an incel, and he is PROUD. He's tired of women leaving him for pedos. He's sick of femoids asking him to buy them meth. He's especially tired of his mom disrespecting him while she takes care of his son. Jesse and Ruphio team up to figure out what he is doing wrong, and create a hero who RISES FROM THE ASHES for the whole gaming community. Jesse set up a Video Game Character Creator to help Ruphio find the perfect woman, but Ruphio already knows exactly who his Goonicorn is. Ruphio defends his homie Jesse against some sick Gyno-drone named Lauren Pritchard making claims about him being paranormal. And Lilah, Ruphio's ex-girlfriend, joins the show, and gets completely sideswiped by Ruphio setting her up for an EPIC WIN.