TRUE CRIME: #FindingLilah Ep. 4 "RACE WAR" - DF15

Playlist: DATING SIMULATOR - The Many Loves Of Ruphio Pheonix
TRUE CRIME: #FindingLilah Ep. 4 "RACE WAR" - DF15

Race relations are at an all time low, with riots in the streets, police murdering black people every single second of every day, Mayo Monkeys forcing POC's to loot Korean stores, some are saying we are on the verge of a RACE WAR. It turns out, even the genre of TRUE CRIME mysteries isn't safe from racism! True Crime is owned entirely by WHITE KARENS talking about MISSING WHITE WOMAN SYNDROME KARENS. There just aren't enough unsolved black murders, we need more! Our friend Lilah, a missing white woman, was just declared legally dead after four months of searching turned up nothing, and the case was ignored by media. Perhaps if we lean into the RACIST angle of her ex-boyfriend, and prime suspect, Ruphio Pheonix, we can finally get the coverage we need to solve this disappearance. Ruphio went to war with a black listener of the show named Lenny, claiming black people are stealing our white women. So who wins the war? White or Black? Ruphio or Lenny? Good or Evil? Ruphio may have finally met his match in this Crime Noir...











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