Why Do White People Exist? - POD AWFUL PODCAST DF14

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Why Do White People Exist? - POD AWFUL PODCAST DF14

YAKUB BLESS, FELLOW MAYOMONKEYS! The black folks on twitter have been getting fed up with the albino shenanigans of the negatively-melanated, so they started a Twitter Space called, "Why Do White People Exist?" My friends Gavin McInnes and Ryan Katsu Rivera found it, and as it started going viral, the HONKIES started losing their Hellmann's over it. I missed the whole thing, but in the fracas I was left wondering-- DID THEY EVER FIND OUT THE ANSWER? I decide to take a listen to their conversation, and get to the bottom of why whitey exists for myself. We take a look at the secret Yakubian clues left by the Wu-Tang Clan, Jay-Z, and more, and check in with Gazi Kodzo and Black Hammer on what's going on with Hammer City. PLUS: Ruphio Pheonix lets his Mayomonkey flag fly.

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