A Dick Measuring Contest - POD AWFUL PODCAST DF34

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Playlist: Season DARK FUTUREโ„ข
A Dick Measuring Contest - POD AWFUL PODCAST DF34

EPISODE 34: Dark Future. RULE 34: If it exists, there is porn of it. Unfortunately, the Goons exist. I was watching old ROTC clips when I was reminded of that time Royce said, "And there it is, there's the dick measuring contest!" I couldn't help but think to myself, "Great idea!" It's Short-Armed Rapper, WILD MAN CHRIS vs. The Legend And Hero JARETH TIMOTHY TAYLOR. Who stacks up? Who's member is part of the Big Boyz Club? Which would Royce choose? PLUS: Wild Man Chris gets pornbombed twice in one night, Jareth's friends and family are claiming he doesn't know how to pee pee, Youtube allows what is essentially gay softcore on its platform, and Wild Man Chris decides to bully back the internet bully.

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