A Very COZY Independence Day - POD AWFUL PODCAST DF44

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A Very COZY Independence Day - POD AWFUL PODCAST DF44
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Nick Fuentes has personally greenlit Pod Awful to be the newest show on Cozy.tv! I'm now coworkers with Anthony Cumia, Baked Alaska, Alex Jones, Ethan Ralph, and also some guy who wears a fake beard. In honor of my new AMERICA FIRST boss, I decided to have a nice relaxed stream for Independence Day. We watch as my former co-host Matt Jarbo breaks up with me in a cringe inducing crying video, check in with the most American guy I know, Michael Wright from Australia, do some America-themed movie reviews, and even get a visit from Poodles. PLUS: My dad creates the internet's newest TikTok Challenge, and I unveil a brand new GOON.

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