Mershaholics Anonymous SPONSORED BY CBDX - DF12

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Mershaholics Anonymous SPONSORED BY CBDX - DF12

Yes. I know. I am obsessed. I have an addiction. I can't get over Mersh. I have a drinking problem. His teats keep producing lolcow milk, and I keep on drinkin' it. I am in recovery. I'm trying my best. I haven't watched @Nightwave Radio in over a week. I am unsubscribed from @Revenge Of The Cis. I am attending Mershaholics Anonymous meetings. I even got a sponsor. AND THAT SPONSOR IS CBDX, BABY! HEAD ON OVER TO THEIR WEBSITE AND USE MY PROMO CODE TO GET 20% OFF YOUR NEXT ORDER! I'M A WEED GUY NOW! We watch Cannaman's saddest moments, enjoy the reggae flavors of the satanic Island Boys, head over to Cameo to continue our Toy Story Cinematic Universe, visit Andy and Kyer over at Twisted Mind, and listen to my phone call with the CEO of CBDX who tells me how little money ROTC has made so far on their ads. He's a HUGE fan of Pod Awful, and with my sponsor's help, I can finally beat my addiction to Mersh and replace it with an addiction to something much more healthy, questionably legal, unregulated drugs!











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