E-THOT's First Twitch Stream - POD AWFUL PODCAST DF16

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Playlist: Season DARK FUTUREโ„ข
E-THOT's First Twitch Stream - POD AWFUL PODCAST DF16

I stumbled across an e-girl taking a break from showing her orifices to simps on her OnlyFans to try to fish for new simps on Twitch. Not a bad idea, really, especially considering this Dakota Maryjane girl has already been banned for 15 years from TikTok for letting the nip slip one too many times. The problem is, even on baby's very first stream, if you're going to check the chat in Gamer-Incel World™, you gotta be prepared for trolls to go pa-TROLLING. Bask in the BPD-glow as this Digital Hooters waitress slowly breaks down into a cloud of vape juice, spilling suicide stories, getting a visit from a ghost, having an existential breakdown, and finally calling the police live on air, all before STREAMING in the most TOS-breaking way of all time. GG EZ.

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