Pod 👏🏿Awful 👏🏿But 👏🏿It's 👏🏿Black - BLACK HISTORY MONTH - POD AWFUL PODCAST I31

Playlist: Season Infinity
Pod 👏🏿Awful 👏🏿But 👏🏿It's 👏🏿Black - BLACK HISTORY MONTH - POD AWFUL PODCAST I31

The white man stole podcasts from the black man, and now during BLACK HISTORY MUMF, we takin' it backkkkkk, ya feel me? Drexel P-S got his lawyer Nick Rekieta to sue AncestryDNA for new test results confirming his AFRICAN KING HERITAGE. Now that we got receipts, we gon be celebrating all mumf long. This episode we finna watch the Hodge Twins, a strong black king PUNK some coronavirus-ass chinese hoe, talk illuminati with Pastor Michael Smith, get down with Buff Correll, pay respects to the OG Mr. Bill aka Uncle Bill aka Dark Gable, clown that Urkel fool Kenan Jerome Floyd, catch up with the snow bunny Queen of Spades, and kick it with Jock Jam Jesus. And at the end of the show, I WILL SAY THE N WORD.

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