SLOW 👁️ Dark Forces At Play - POD AWFUL PODCAST I49

Playlist: Season Infinity
SLOW 👁️ Dark Forces At Play - POD AWFUL PODCAST I49

Because of my TRANSVESTIGATIONS, I have many Dark Forces trying to take me down. I've flown too close to the sun, uncovering the TRUTH behind the conspiracies. One such Dark Force is Lokill Lynch, a psychotic (((BEING))) operating in the 10th Dimension who definitely doesn't do meth. Lokill believes in a god inside an SD Card and is speaking to computer experts and demonic forces in an effort to take me down. Meanwhile, Drew W. Shield, the Light Love Warrior from the AI Matrix has declared war on me just after defeating the Dragon Family of Asia. Is it too dangerous to keep being a WARRIOR OF TRUTH™ in times like these, or should I reveal the ultimate information that will blow these evil cabals away? I know who is behind Qanon and what the Q stands for.


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