LOLCOW. Mersh from Revenge Of The Cis (I mean... Star Wars?) and Nightwave Radio claims he is not a lolcow. In fact, he is so not a lolcow, the very act of making fun of him makes YOU uncool! But if Mersh isn't a lolcow, then why are his teats so milkable? Why does this fatted calf not look out of place in the great pantheon of Goons such as Chris-Chan, KingCobraJFS, and Terry A. Davis? How come Mersh himself said his own father was a lolcow? I'm going to make the case that not only is Mersh a Juju-level milktruck, but that he may in fact be the GREATEST lolcow. PLUS: Mersh's new diet of pasta with a side of steak, the MOMENT Mersh was scared into be coming a gun guy and a gym guy, predictions on the next phase of his never-ending search for a personality, a follow-up with the Santa Cruz Joker, AND MORE!"
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